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Loose in a fabric candy store!

Earlier this week I went to my local fabric distributor’s warehouse. Yes, I’m very lucky to have one VERY nearby! Everyone seemed pretty happy to be shopping – the parking lot was full and all the customers acted like they had been having fabric withdrawals. LOL! It had only been closed a few days for inventory but with the recent holidays, it had been a month or so since my last visit.

Ragamuffin04One of the best things about visiting (shopping, drooling, petting the fabric) the warehouse is that you never know who you will meet. This week it was a wonderful mother-daughter team that designs and creates Depression style aprons and reversible bags. After visiting their website (, I fell in love with their design sensibility. Anne and Marcia make great fabric choices and put together combinations that are fun, modern and pretty!

Robot-Marilyn-450x600Best of all,  they are generous and give back to the community through multiple local outreach programs.

Here’s to new friends!


I love fabric and everything related to it!

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