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Internet issues, grrr

Okay, so, I’ve had internet connectivity issues for a while, but this week just took the cake. Up, down, up, down, down for a while, up for two minutes, etc. Called customer service Wednesday after a morning full of continually intermittent, unstable internet connection. So they sent a guy out to change the modem. Fine. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, poof! It was out again. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper, but decided to sleep on it and see how things were in the morning. Oh, and did I mention that I was in the middle of trying to file all the various and assorted state taxes for states that I do business in? service

Thursday morning. Four times it’s gone out, before I call customer service. I apologize to the rep before explaining that I was cranky due to what had proceeded the phone call and that I was right back where we started before the new modem. Yesterday. Send me another technician please. This one spends a little more time checking out the brand new modem, checks the wiring and the speed. Speed doesn’t really matter if you aren’t connected. Really doesn’t matter. Anyway, he changes a few settings, watches it for a few minutes, shows me what he did, hands me his card and says “have a good day”. Today’s project – prepping ad artwork and trying to write a newsletter for our weekend sale. And oh yeah, the tax thing still.

Friday. Yes, you are right. Still having issues. Call the number on the card  the nice tech so kindly left for me. Left a perfectly clear message early in the day, plenty of time for him to come back and address the issue. Never heard back from him. Typical.

Saturday. I really feel like I’m getting to know all the customer service reps and techs in a two state area. Not a good thing. Anyway, another apology to the rep before once again explaining the problem. Oh, “It’s no problem, we can have a technician out tomorrow.” Uh, no, that’s not acceptable. You’ll have one here today. Wait, wait, wait, okay, we’ve got one that can be there between noon and four. Hallelujah.

All I can say is thank goodness for the old guy. Yes, he really called himself that. He’s worked for the company for 27 years and knew what he was doing. At least it seems that way. I’m still halfway holding my breath. Instead of boosting and splitting stuff, he isolated and tested each phone and cable connection and modem. Shut off the unnecessary connections and by george, I think he’s done it!

Okay, so now that we’ve been able to have a solid hour’s worth of connection, here’s the result of the ad artwork. "Sewper" Bowl SaleSo click the photo or this link, shop, and enjoy the internet connection!

May the internet genies be kind to you. ~ Vivian


PS – Yes, I did get all the taxes filed on time. Whew!




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