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Gumdrop Colors, Baskets, and Samples

Basket TreeWhat do a mountain of baskets, an assortment of gumdrop colored spray paint and a sunny day add up to? Well, a painting day of course! We had a warm sunny weekend, so before the rain arrived, I was able to get new baskets ready for props in this year’s shows. They are going to be perfect – stack-able (easy to transport), two sizes good for fat quarters, patterns, zippers, grab bags, and who knows what else!

Hibiscus_closeup I also took time to work on a few new samples. This is a close-up of one of them. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint – it’s a Patrick Lose design.


And finally, another sample. This one is using beautiful fabrics from Marti Michell’s “Catalina” group of fabrics.TILNC1200_SimplyaPleasure_04That’s going to do it for samples for this next show. Running out of time to do any more!






P.S. The accidental ‘manicure’ was totally worth it! Overspray



I love fabric and everything related to it!

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