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Till we meet again,

Columbia River sunrise at Washougal, WA

My new journey officially began today – signing the sale paperwork for the house where I’ve lived most of my adult life in the Pacific Northwest. The movers are scheduled for Thursday and on Friday, Mitzi and I will hit the road.

When I first moved out west, the thing that was most different was the view, I was used to pine trees and Gulf Coast white sand. The first beach I visited in Washington state was brown and had rocks! “And they call this a beach!” I thought, but the gorgeous sunrises over Mt Rainer (my Seattle days) and sunrises over the Columbia with Mt Hood in the background was my favorite time of the day. Sometimes I would head in to work early just to be able to watch the sun come up over the river, it was beautiful and serene. Lunches would be next to the rushing white water of the Washougal River, loud and boisterous or barely moving depending on the time of the year and how much snow was melting.

Now, the view is changing again, pine trees for certain, no water in sight. Hmm, might have to find some.


I love fabric and everything related to it!

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