I’ve always known what I wanted to do. Oh, maybe not the specifics, but if you had met me as a child, the answer would have been “something with fabric”. As I progressed through school, the answer was still “something with fabric”. I’ve been fortunate – my whole career has revolved around fabrics, testing them, designing them, talking to other people about them, you get the idea!

So now, I’m still doing “something with fabric”! My sister Rebecca and I started UnBiasedFabrics because we both love fabric and our personal stashes were getting too big – we figured we may as well go in business! So now we sell beautiful fabrics and patterns and are surrounded by them all day long. Plus it’s given us the added bonus of being able to travel to shows and talk to other people that love fabrics.

And if we want to walk the dog in the middle of the day because the sun is shining, that’s okay! Join us as we share a behind the scenes look at UnBiased Fabrics.com.


P.S. Why “UnBiased”? Two reasons – first, a good seamstress always wants their fabrics to be straight and true to grain, second, we love all fabrics, thus we are “unbiased”!


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